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Jebkāda veida grims, ar mājas vizītēm: kāzas; pliks; kūpināts; krāsa; vakars; radošs; utt. . Ja nepieciešams eskorts šaušanai, kāzām, pasākumam - 2 stundas bez maksas, no divām stundām vai vairāk papildus maksa.


Profession: Visagiste

Name or company name: ...

Registration number: ...

Applicant Status: Physical person

Work days: Mixed

Work hours: 8 часов

Address, street:









Safety rules and recommendations when applying for a job

1. Never, under any circumstances, pay for employment services.

2. Almost all job offers abroad are fraud in one form or another.

3. Ignore offers for distribution and resale, all kinds of earnings on the Internet by clicking, mailing or writing reviews.

4. Before starting work, find out how often people change on the vacancy offered to you, interview other employees, ask the employer why the former ones left.

5. In the first months of work, demand daily or Monday pay, especially in small companies and firms.

6. Do not indicate redundant data in the CVs to be sent, instead of the exact address, it is enough to indicate only the city or region of residence.

7. Arrange for interviews and come only to official places and during working hours, inform loved ones about the place and people you meet.

8. A photo of a pretty girl increases the chances of becoming a victim of violence or traffickers.

9. In case of any suspicion, ignore job offers or a meeting.

Try to organize your own business or work on your own - offer people what you can do.

Phone: +371 26922846

Phone 2:

Phone: +371 26922846

Phone 2:

Registration number: ...



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