1. By placing an advertisement, the user fully agrees to these terms of use and that the personal data and contact details submitted will be stored at torgina.COM in accordance with the law.

2. torgina.COM uses cookies on the user's computer. torgina.COM displays third-party advertising companies, such as Google and statistics systems that also generate cookies. You can permanently delete cookies in your browser at any time.

3. Ad Service Administration for Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Excise and Controlled Goods, Drugs, Weapons, Dangerous and Noxious Substances, as well as avoidance of unlicensed provision of government licensed services, financial discipline and accounting, tax, legalization of proceeds, and other law violations may require identification of individuals and companies by requesting additional information and documents. All documentation, personal data and confidential information are kept to a minimum and in the minimum amount necessary. The number of employees who have access to this data is strictly limited; staff queries are being recorded.

Ads content rules:

5. Advertisements will not be accepted (deleted) if:

5.1 Violates the law, standard of conduct and ethics. The ad does not contain mandatory fields, or the information provided is incorrect or incorrect.

5.2 The content does not correspond or only partially corresponds to the selected section. If there is no suitable section, then you are allowed to place the ad in the section that is closest to the subject, but you must select the 'Miscellaneous' type of deal.

5.3 Advertisements that do not contain a detailed description of the product, service or job offer or that do not mention important information (eg: product quality, condition, material, dimensions, functionality, use characteristics, permissible scope of use) and text or photos are misleading. Examples of violations:

- The car sale ad does not state that the car was previously in a car accident. - The advertisement for the sale of furniture does not mention that the photo contains parts of furniture which are not included in the product. - The listing of the property does not state the status and condition of the property or does not include photos.

5.4 More than one sales object or service is placed or the text content is generic (e.g. 'Any Notebooks', 'Various Models', etc.) It is allowed to publish only one sales item or service offer per ad, with a detailed description and exact price. Photographs must represent a single sales object that is described in the ad text.

5.4.1 Specifying Transaction Types Miscellaneous, Production and Repair is permitted to place advertisements notwithstanding the requirement in clause 5.4.

5.5 Sludinājumā tiek piedāvāts neeksistējošs ( Latvijas teritorijā ) objekts vai pakalpojums. Piemēri: 'BMW 528i 2003 nobraukums 73 tūk., auto atrodas Vācijā', ' Dzīvoklis ir mājā būvniecības stadijā'.

5.6 The text of the advertisement (except for the appropriate fields) or attached pictures shall include a telephone number, e-mail address, internet link or other contact information.

5.7 The price quoted in the advertisement is not true or does not indicate additional costs. The price must be final without any further conditions.

Examples of violations: - Apple 5s for sale, negotiable price 10 €. - the price quoted does not include the cost of the flight. - VAT not included in the price (for legal entities) - The price for renting an apartment or a car for 1 day is 30 €, but the minimum lease term starts from 2 days.

5.8 Photos are not allowed:

- low quality when the subject's condition is not visible. - a general plan if the sales object is visible among other objects and is not dominant in the image. - do not match the offer described in the ad text. Photos should only show the item described in the ad text. Photos must be realistic, but not cataloged or found on the Internet. - Too bright a background, unnatural colors or other elements to attract attention to the overall listing. - Contains inscriptions or elements that obscure viewing and change the natural aesthetic appearance of the image. - with logos, contact details or addresses. - Photo collages when multiple photos are combined into one.

5.10 In the first line of the ad text, words or parts of words are highlighted in capitals using Caps Lock. Example: 'Sell a NEW motorcycle Kavasaki 530', 'Rent an Apartment at an Affordable Price'.

5.11 In the first line, the text of the advertisement shall include service symbols, additional spaces, periods, a set of repeated letters, not related to the product description. Example: 'Sell // motorcycle // Honda'.

5.12 The first line contains the words: Promotion, Sale, Special Offer, Best Price, Super Offer, Attention, New, and other marketing slogans designed to attract users' attention and highlight the ad common list. Also, the first line of the ad contains information that is not related to the product description, such as store name, address, etc.

5.13 Advertisement infringes copyright or trademark law.

5.14 The advertisement is drafted in languages other than Latvian, Russian or English; Contains the Russian text but in Latin characters. Contains many errors in the text.

5.15 A full or partial prepayment is requested for the product or service offered.

5.16 The purpose of the advertisement is to obtain information about the user.

5.17 Announcements subject to multiple complaints.

5.18 With Offers of Licensed Goods or Services where the advertisement does not contain the exact contact information of the seller and the corresponding license number.

5.19 Contains offers for work in video chat, erotic video and photo sessions or in any way providing sex services.

5.20 The advertisement contains offers for distribution of medicines, goods or services through MLM network marketing. Offers with earning opportunities on the Internet related to signups, clicks, or other questionable practices.

5.21 Tobacco products, smoking accessories, alcohol, precursors, controlled medicines, hazardous or noxious substances and products and equipment for the production and processing of those articles.

5.22 In multiple advertisements, an Internet link opens the first page of a user's home page. Allowed to link, which opens a web page with the product description that is offered in the ad.

5.23 The advertisement comes from employment agencies or recruitment companies, from auctions, or from other advertisement boards. It also contains logos, advertisements, or links in text or photos related to the above organizations. Web links for publishing are not accepted, containing links to other ad services.

5.24 Occult services such as astrology, fortune-telling, non-traditional medicine, etc., as well as announcements on tattoos and piercings are offered.

5.25 Contains an invitation to solicit donations, deposits and contributions in any form.

5.26 Announcements of job placement outside Latvia.

5.27 Contains references to resources that incorrectly serve visitors, open pop-ups, enable audio accompaniment, or otherwise malicious activity against visitors or information systems; contains offers of goods or services that are prohibited in torgina.COM advertisements.

For instance: - The ad includes a link to a site that offers smoking devices even if the ad does not mention information about these devices. - Clicking on the link opens a page asking you to sign up or fill out a questionnaire or survey. - Clicking on the link opens a completely different page than the one listed in the ad (redirect) or opens an additional page (PopUp or PopUnder).

5.28 Contains a link to a website which is not related to the content of the advertisement. Also, if the link leads to outdated content, contains little or no quality information, as well as overloaded with web counters, ad blocks, links to other sites.

5.29 The Content contains emotional tone text, exclamations, invitations, slogans, declarations and staging questions, as well as text and keywords unrelated to the ad object. It is forbidden to use the exclamation point and question signs or other symbols to attract attention. Your ad text should be for informational purposes only.

5.30 Announcements of car sales with mileage reduced or incorrectly displayed; with photos, where the license plates are hidden or replaced, or without the license plates of Latvia at all; as well as any other inappropriate release year or other fraudulent activity.

5.31 Ads are repetitive with identical text or contain identical references. When placing many ads, the text of each ad should be unique.

5.32 Advertising, which may be aimed at distributing unsolicited correspondence and advertising brochures, involves other intrusive advertising techniques or aggressive marketing.

5.33 The service or product offered has no value (demand) or the ad contains absurd content.

Rules of Procedure:

6.1 All advertisements posted on the Portal that contain violations of the terms of section 5 of the Ad Server Terms of Use will be deleted without notice. Repeated violations may result in the user being denied access to the profile. In the event of a profile being closed, the balance remaining in the personal account will be returned to the user in accordance with the site's rules for refunding unused amounts to users. In case of profile closure for the user to receive unused funds, the user must complete the opt-out form and send it to the portal administrator. For a user whose profile has been closed, opening a new profile will only be possible after the user has submitted an application to the profile administrator whereby Comply with all ad placement rules. In the event that a specific user deliberately posts false information to the portal with false data and will generate false profiles, the portal administration has the right to delete such profiles without notice.

6.2 A user, company, association, or group of individuals submitting ads in the common interest is only allowed to register one user profile.

6.3 The advertisement will be published no later than one hour after the payment is received. The time of posting the advertisement is chosen by the user and depends on the section you choose (minimum one day, maximum eight weeks).

6.4 Latvian VAT (21%) is included in the advertised prices. The price of the advertisement depends on the price of the chosen section of the portal, the selling price of the product or service, the term of placing the advertisement, the form of payment of the advertisement: view the prices of advertisements and the terms of publication. Advertisement placement price includes publication for the specified term and deletion of advertisement in case of violation of the rules. In the event of a more detailed inspection and deletion of a large number of advertisements, the administration may charge additional fees for the activities performed.

6.5. It is not possible to change or correct information after advertising.

6.6 Complaints regarding the availability or quality of services should be sent electronically to: OPEN_MAIL: or in writing to: SIA (Reg. No.), legal address: Riga 16. Post Office, 25 Sturmanu Street, Riga, LV-1016, building 30.

The complaint will be considered within 14 working days from the receipt of the complaint, by sending a response to the contact address indicated in the complaint.

If the complaint is found to be unfounded and you do not agree to the claim being declared unfounded, you have the right to make use of the alternative dispute resolution options provided by law by submitting a written application for out-of-court dispute resolution, stating: - name, surname, contact information; - the date of submission of the application; - the nature of the dispute, the claims and the grounds on which they are based. Information on out-of-court dispute resolution and out-of-court dispute resolution: - http://www.ptac.gov.lv/en/content/stridu-risinasanas-process - http://www.ptac.gov.lv/en/content/arpustiesas-pateretaju-stridu-risinataju-datubaze Liability of the Parties:

7.1 If the torgina.COM site is temporarily down, ad posting deadlines will be extended according to this time period. This provision shall not apply in cases where: if the site was unavailable on a section of the web site managed by non-contractual ISPs.

7.2 In the event that the ad violates the terms of the site, it contains infringements of the laws, copyright, trademark laws of the Republic of Latvia, and in the event of any loss or inconvenience to third parties, the user (the advertiser) shall assume full financial responsibility for the content of the advertisement, both on the site and on third parties.

7.3 The Company, the administrator, and the owner of the ad service torgina.COM are not responsible for the content of the ads, or for any loss or inconvenience, related to the operation or unavailability of the Portal, with the exception of paragraph 3 of the Terms.

Changes to Terms and Conditions:

8. The Terms of Use of the ad service torgina.COM are subject to change, addendum or amendment and shall become effective from the time they are posted on the Site.

Date: 01.01.2020